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2021 SNEC丨Tunghsu Kangtu brings new high-efficiency and intelligent components to the perfect ending

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Update time : 2021-06-16 16:20:21
From June 3 to 5, 2021, SNEC's 15th (2021) International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Conference and Exhibition was grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, as the vane of the photovoltaic industry and the most influential Every year, SNEC gathers the world’s top photovoltaic companies and showcases the latest technological achievements. In this exhibition, Tunghsu Kangtu once again took advantage of its own advantages to bring a new series of high-efficiency intelligent components to a wonderful appearance.

Efficient products to meet different needs

<br /> On booth No. 555 in Hall E1, Dongxu Kangtu showed the industry the 166 series 144 single-glass double-glass multi-busbar half-cell modules and 120 all-black multi-busbar half-cell modules; 182 series 144 single-glass multi-busbar, double-sided transparent multi-busbar half-cell modules; and 210 series 110 porcelain white single-glass, double-sided double-glass multi-busbar half-cell modules. This series of products is reliable in power, annual power generation, and reliability. Historical breakthroughs have been achieved in various indicators such as performance and cost per kilowatt-hour. It has the advantages of higher quality, higher power, higher reliability and lower cost per kilowatt-hour, attracting a large number of exhibition visitors to stop and pay attention.

Through the superimposed application of a number of advanced technologies, Kangtu continues to achieve new product iterations, which can supply single-sided and double-sided module products at the same time to meet different application needs of customers. The new series of module products have a power of up to 550W+ and a conversion efficiency of 21.3% .

These components will significantly increase the power generation of photovoltaic systems in large-scale ground power stations, rooftop industrial and commercial, and residential applications, effectively reduce the BOS cost and initial investment of photovoltaic power stations, thereby reducing the cost of photovoltaic power stations, LCOE, and contributing value to customers throughout the industry chain. The competitiveness of photovoltaic power in the energy industry promotes the global photovoltaic industry to go online at parity!

Serving customers and focusing on products
<br /> As a component manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of high-performance components, Dongxu Kangtu always puts product quality in the first place. In terms of production and manufacturing, Dongxu Kangtu promotes the use of total quality management and close Combining cutting-edge technologies and development trends in the industry, and setting up industry-leading product research and development laboratories to meet a series of high-standard differentiated components such as standardized components, PERC high-efficiency components, double glass components, reinforced components, dust-proof components, lightweight components, etc. The diversified market demand has urged the steady increase in market share.

We firmly believe that leading technology, high-quality products and perfect services can go further. On the one hand, we will provide innovative and efficient technologies and products to bring customers the highest power output and return on investment; on the other hand, we will introduce more advanced and efficient energy solutions, and use our rich experience to bring customers better Program.

Sign a strategic cooperation agreement

On the morning of June 3, on the first day of SNEC2021 Photovoltaic Exhibition, the "Dongxu Kangtu-Savi LDK Strategic Cooperation Signing Ceremony" was grandly held. According to the agreement, Dongxu Kangtu and LDK LDK will compete in the photovoltaic market, production capacity and supply chain. Strategic cooperation in new product development and other aspects to achieve a strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Jiangxi Saiwei Company is a senior enterprise in the photovoltaic industry with a vertically integrated industrial chain. It is a high-tech photovoltaic enterprise integrating the research and development, production and sales of solar polycrystalline silicon ingots and polycrystalline silicon wafers. In the photovoltaic industry at home and abroad, Has a high reputation.

After the strategic cooperation reached this time, with the in-depth cooperation between the two parties, Dongxu Kangtu and Jiangxi Saiwei will achieve fruitful cooperation results in the promising photovoltaic field, and work together to unswervingly take ecological priority and green low The high-quality development path of carbon contributes the wisdom and strength of enterprises to the realization of "carbon neutrality".

Pragmatic innovation and pursuit of excellence

In the fourth quarter of 2019, Dongxu Kangtu expanded to 250MW of fully automatic production lines representing the new level of intelligent manufacturing in the industry, mainly mass producing 158.75 series of MBB half-cell modules, and switching to production of 166 series of MBB half-cell modules in 2020 and realizing mass production. With the development of the photovoltaic market and the continuous deepening of technological exploration, in December 2020, Kangtu successfully launched the 182 series half-cell modules. While achieving a significant leap in module power, it ensures the simultaneous improvement of module efficiency, with high conversion efficiency, Features such as excellent power generation capacity and high reliability. In March 2021, Kangtu began to develop and produce 210 series half-cell/three-cell modules, and it is expected to pass the TUV certification test in June.


According to the company's development plan, the new Kangtu 1GW module project will start in the third quarter. After the completion of the project, the 210 series of high-efficiency modules will be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2022, with a power range of 500-610W, and a module conversion rate that will exceed 21.6%.