Conventional single crystal 60-cell version 290-320w

High-efficiency and high-reliability Dongxu components
Advanced production equipment, highly automated process control, world-class production technology
The company has a product research and development laboratory that meets the new ISO/IEC international standards
Excellent low light resistance, high salt spray and ammonia corrosion resistance
Passed various certification tests of photovoltaic standards
Passed international quality and environmental management system certification
Application level: A, safety level: Ⅱ, fire protection level: C
Excellent low light power generation performance (cloudy, morning, evening)
Advanced cell front texturing and back electric field technology
Selective emitter technology
Maximum efficiency in limited space
Increased power density to 195 W/m2
Low temperature coefficient makes working in high temperature environment more efficient
High reliability based on strict quality control
Internal testing is stricter than industry certification standards (UV, thermal cycling, damp freezing, etc.)
The best solution for harsh environments
Passed 5400 Pa frontal snow pressure and 2400 Pa wind pressure load certification test